Social & Emotional Skills

Hand Puppet

Colourful hand puppets for story telling.

Put on the puppets like a glove on the child’s hand or wear them yourself for storytelling, free play and stimulating imagination.

Helps develop communication skills and allows children to be creative.


Dolls of Human Figures – Male and Female.

These dolls can have hands and legs detachable, to facilitate children to assemble body parts appropriately.

Ensure facial features are clear for differentiating facial parts like nose, mouth, eyes, ears, eye brows, lips, hair etc

Community Helper

This Kit contains word card and pitcure card of all those who helps us in our community – use it to learn them identify people who help then in daily life.

We Can Cards

23 laminated coloured picture cards of daily living functions and 23 word cards, 1 flash card holder.

Sequencing of daily actions, following a routine, recognize the activity and its related actions, matching words with the corresponding action, sequencing within an activity for those with specific needs.