Beads Set

A set of 36 colourful beads in three shapes and sizes with laces and 0-9 sequence cards.

This set has specially designed beads to learn sequencing, counting, classification, size, shape, colours and to build fine motor control.

These are all pre mathematical skills.

Children have to thread the beads following a pattern.

Number Match

A value and number match activity.

This set of wooden tablets to match numbers with pictures of various objects helps in learning concrete to abstract number concept.
They can be used in 2 ways:

  1. Lay out the numbers tablets on one side and the pictures on the other side and let the child match and the number that you call out.
  2. Mix both numbers and pictures together and the child identify both the picture and corresponding number that either you call out or they choose.

Number Wheel for Lacing

A colourful number wheel to match numbers to its value.

A number wheel with laces to learn and recognize the number and match it to the value. Helps fine motor skill and hand eye cordination.

Number Cubes

Coloured wooden blocks made from soft durable wood with smooth finish.

You can play number cube games of various kinds.

Use it with the symbols cards and ask them to make simple operations using the numbers and the symbols that come up.

Hand Print

This is a simple hand puzzle to learn numbers 1 to 5.

Each part of the finger can be removed and put back.

The child has the same feeling as counting through his/her hands which is very common among young children.

Foot Prints

This is a simple footprint puzzle to learn numbers 1 to 10.

Each toe can be removed and put back.

The child has the same feeling as counting through his/her feet which is very common among young children.

Odd & Even Duck

This is a simple duck puzzle to learn odd and even numbers from 1 to 10.

Each number can be removed and put back.

This wooden puzzle is good for building spatial skills and develops number skills.

Number Land

10 number strips, 100 number cards, 10 symbol cards, ten 10s cards, 2 sets 0-9 cards, 29 word cards to make number names 1-100, 1 display folder.

Skip counting in various sequences, ( 5, 10, odd and even nos ) number expansion, understanding difference between face and place value, understanding arrangement of numbers and seeing the patterns in different tables of multiplication, reading number names and recognizing them.

Count Me

Square wooden board, 2 sets of nos cards 0 to 9, 1 set of symbol cards, 20 rods, 120 special beads in 2 shapes and 6 colours.

More or less in terms of quantity, quantity of numbers ( values ), colours, shapes, place value of numbers, repeated addition, repeated subtraction, finger agility.

Telling Time Set

The kit contains specially designed wooden clock with movable hands, hours and minutes indication, wooden clock face stamps and a reusable worksheet to practice concept of time.

A colourful attractive clock that can be manipulated by the child to learn the hours and minutes.

The movable hands allows for easy manipulation.

Rubber stamps with wooden base and a work sheet reinforce time concepts.

Use them separately and then together till the child is thorough.

Foot Steps

This set of wooden tablets to match numbers with pictures to learn concrete to abstract number concepts.

They can be used in two ways:

  1. Lay out the number tablets and let the child match the number that you call out.
  2. Mix both number and picture tablets together and let the child identify both the picture and the corresponding number that either you call out or they choose.

Money Description

Parts Of a Tree

A tactile tree puzzle to learn the different parts of the tree.

This puzzle is designed to help the child easily understand and recognize the different parts of a tree.

Helps reinforce counting of numbers 1 to 15. Spatial skills, sequencing numbers and fine motor skills for finger dexterity can be gained.

Traffic Signal

A puzzle to learn different shapes and also the importance of safety.

Traffic signals help to identify and learn different road signs.

Red light means to completely stop, yellow light means to get ready and green light means to go.

Shapes Fit Me Box

This is a wooden box with provision for matching 3 objects to the picture and understand shape in context.

The child has to drop the related shape into the related slot provided for it.

Good for fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Generalization can be explained by using this box with different shapes.


A set of dominoes to learn fractions.

A group activity that motivates children to learn fractions.

Have the children match the fraction to the picture.

This reinforcing activity with the domino cards can be fun and stimulating.

Number Bug Puzzle

A basic puzzle to learn numbers 1 to 5.

An introductory basic puzzle to learn numbers 1 to 5 and the number names. This basic puzzle is useful for improving spatial skills and fine motor control and finger dexterity.

Place Value Arrows

A set of laminated place value arrow cards.

Printed on high quality plastic, the place value is colour coded so children can instantly recognize the place value of the number.

For example; units are in red, tens in blue, hundreds in yellow and thousands are in green.

Have children make numbers by overlapping the arrow cards. The colours helps reinforce the concept of place and allow for easier understanding.

Decimal Matching Cards

Set of flash cards to learn decimals.

Use the cards and play games to reinforce decimals.

Deal the cards and have the children match the cards.

A fun group activity.

Smart Multiplier

A pocket multiplier for everyday use covering 2 to 9 times multiplications table.

Help students with their multiplication tables with these pocket sized, laminated Smart Multipliers.

Covering 2 to 9 multiplication tables, pupils select the multiplication they wish to practice, turn to that page and multiply the beige number by the selected multiple in the white square.

Multiplication Wooden Tablet

The set contains 11 wooden Tablets from 2 to 12 tables for the child to practice learning multiplication facts.

Can be used to learn tables, practice addition and also can be used with the Shopping kit to learn money concept.

Multiplication Tactile Board

Tactile Multiplication board to learn tables

Use the touch and feel wooden board to learn multiplication tables in quick manner, even for children with low vision.

Fraction Puzzle

Eight piece Pizza puzzle

8 slices compile the whole pizza. Learn about the concept of fractions by removing the slices and understand how much is remaining and how to express that as a fraction.

You Can Tell Time

Set of 9 stamps in 3 shapes and 3 sizes ( square/ oval/round )

How to read time, understanding relationship between digits on face and the corresponding time, word problems with time, conversion of time units, numbers and number names, addition and subtraction.